Analytics and Data Science, Spain

I am excited to see Kantar keep growing the 'intrapreneur' spirit among its employees.
Rafa M, Spain

I am an Electronic Engineer that joined Kantar in 2017, after working for many years in Movistar and several technology startups.

My aspiration as a 'Kantarian' is to adapt traditional market research to the new technologies appearing in our society: applying Artificial Intelligence, achieving real time results, using social analytics, taking learnings from neuroscience... these are just a few trending terms that we talk about on a daily basis!

We help our local Client Service teams to incorporate our global solutions into their projects, but also, and that is what I love, we have some freedom to develop our own innovative solutions: the creative talent of Kantar can appear anywhere around the world. That is the case with our NeedScope AI Decoder, a tool developed here in Spain. It assists our analysts around the world to decipher the NeedScope segments of different marketing assets with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

I am excited to see Kantar keep growing the ‘intrapreneur’ spirit among its employees, combining the of the market research experts and the technology professionals, in order to provide our clients with the best insights in the most efficient way. And I am proud to be playing a role in that transformation.