Customer Experience? It's everything these days.

Does your customer experience live up to your brand promise? Are you exceeding or falling short of your customers' expectations?

Maybe your delivery is just about average and ready for a little TLC?

CX+ is the only sector-specific index that shows you how to close the gap between brand promise and customer experience. And achieve greater levels of satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and profitability.
Customer centricity across the globe

91% of CEOs worldwide believe customer centricity is essential to business growth.

But what do customers across the world think about the experiences they have with brands? 

We talked with…

140,000 people
1,000 brands covered
17 countries
4 sectors: banking, retail, travel & telecoms

…and asked them about their experiences as customers, and if they thought those brands were customer-centric.

Our CX+ study revealed a significant contrast across markets in terms of what CEOs believe and what customers actually think.

Who has the Experience Advantage?

Experience spend is growing.

of people prioritise experience over possessions.

Customer centricity acts as a systemic stabiliser, ringfencing brands from major economic and societal disruption. In times of crisis, some brands consistently succeed in creating positive moments for people, and even come out stronger than before.

We’ve calculated the CX+ score for each of those brands by combining their CX performance and Experience Gap.

The importance of getting it right

CX+ shows that leading brands clearly focus on brand purpose, efficiency and authenticity in the way they engage with people at each touchpoint across their customer journey.

And this pays off for them, both commercially and reputationally: Their customers are twice as likely to remain.

Did you know that...

CX+ shines a light on customer experiences across categories and geographies, and offers insights to build the aspirational experiences customers want.

Is your brand a CX+ leader?

Get inspiration from our one-minute video. And get in touch to find out how your brand performance compares to the competition.

We’d love to talk to you about how CX+ can help your brand get the Experience Advantage.

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