Qualitative Market Research
Get a deep and holistic understanding of what people are really thinking and feeling so you can address the challenges of the future.

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As the world’s largest qualitative agency, we provide unparalleled access to insights about people’s lives, relationships and cultural contexts. Apply the latest knowledge about psychology, behaviour and emotions to inspire your marketing strategy. We use new technologies, such as chatbots, AI, virtual workshops, immersive video and more to get a deep understanding of consumer behaviour.

Key features

Specialist knowledge

Experts in brand strategy, creative development, innovation, commerce, customer experience and more.

Cross-cultural insight

Consumer insight from an intimate understanding of 80+ markets, to help you build culturally relevant brands.

Innovative methodologies

We combine focus groups and in-depth interviews with cutting-edge digital technologies to truly understand people.

More information

Asking people direct questions about their needs will lead to functional responses – rarely are people conscious of the emotion driving their needs. NeedScope’s proprietary projective tools let you unlock the emotion of the moment.

NeedScope helps you understand the emotional needs underpinning the key moments of truth in your category. Using a powerful psychological framework, it helps you achieve sharper emotional resonance and differentiation in the moments that are most valuable for your brand.

NeedScope answers the following questions:

  • What does or should my brand stand for?
  • How can my brand win and grow in the category?
  • How do I align every touchpoint to a consistent ambition?
  • How can I check my brand is on track for its desired positioning?
  • What purpose should my brand stand for?

There are times when gut reactions are the most powerful insights. Probing for detail may not give us more information, when the answers lie in what is felt and expressed spontaneously.

Spotlight provides sensitive qualitative analysis of gut reactions to stimulus, presented impactfully through video stories. It provides smart and nimble insight based on unmoderated video response, by exploring ‘type1’, gut-feel response to stimulus.

Participants record responses to five well-crafted questions on video, capturing their unmoderated responses. Videos are uploaded to an online environment where they are translated and compiled using the Voxpopme platform and analysed by Kantar Qualitative experts.

Consumers engage with brands in a reactive, here-and-now way. To create authentic, relevant content that will resonate with your audiences, you need to connect with passionate, savvy and future-oriented consumers.

ThinkTank is a simple, yet powerful online community approach that allows you to get a quick and intelligent point of view from the ground on the burning issues facing your brand.

ThinkTank answers the following questions:

  • What does your category mean to leading-edge consumers?
  • What are the moments of tension that are ripe for content generation?
  • How can you build on real-life moments, online and offline, to create content that will deeply resonate with your target audience?
  • How can you refine content based on consumer feedback?
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